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Home Networking allows you to access every device from every room. Distribute all your audio and video sources to all your TVs on CAT5/CAT6 cable with no signal loss. Locate all your audio and video equipment in a dedicated rack.

Using a control system such as Control 4, you can even turn down lights, open curtains, and more, from a wall mounted control pad, an iPad, or you iPhone.
This video shows all the great features of Control 4.

With home networking you can:

Transfer High Definition TV to any display Send audio to any outlet.

Connect PCs together and create a local area network (LAN) with all PCs sharing the same printer, scanner, camera, etc and be able to view the contents of any PC from any other PC.

Distribute video or still pictures and view on any connected display.

Connect your I-pod in one room and view its contents in any other room via a connected display.

Use your Living room TV to surf the web

Use one DVD player and view its contents from any display in the home

Any source can be viewed on any number of displays

Stream HD TV from dvd or sky to any other HD display over the network.

Scenario :

Let the PC in the office run a slide show of images and view these images on the plasma display in the sitting room while having friends around for the evening. Slow the display time to, two minutes per slide, thus turning the TV into a large picture frame.  At the same time connect an i-pod and have party music in every room.


After a busy day at the office, you just want to relax an listen to music, but all your favourites are on your iPhone. No Problem! Just set your iPhone into the Control  4 dock and your music and movies are instantly available in every room.

Patch panels will distribute data, phone, HD video, audio, etc over your home network

All equipment is stored in a rack for easy access. The size of the rack depends on how many components are used in the system, but we always suggest that you leave room for expansion!

The Control 4 control panel is small, yet powerful, controlling every aspect of your home network.

Alternatively, the Control 4 Smart Switch allows you to control you lights, and may be configured to control  other devices also.

You can also control everything from your iPhone or iPad.

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