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Control all your Audio, Video, Heating, Lighting and blinds the smarter way with Control4 Home Automation.

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Cinema Tech will guide you through the custom creation of your own personalised Home Cinema.

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Multiroom Audio lets you experience music at the touch of a button from a choice of sources anywhere in your house!

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Home Networking allows you to access every device from every room. Distribute all your audio and video sources to all your TVs over the network and locate all your audio and video equipment in a dedicated rack.

Control 4


Use of philips Dynalite to control mood lighting. What better way to finish off your home than with easy to use multi-room lighting control.

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Enjoy more peace of mind when you add enhanced security solutions to your Control4 system. CCTV can be viewed from any navigator, TV, Smart phone or Smart device anywhere in the world.


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Control all your household applications the smarter way with Control4 Home Automation

Control4 implements all your media devices into a user friendly interface to allow complete control of all your TV's, projection systems, music libraries and streaming devices independantly and discretely. Decide what and where you want to play with ease and efficiency.

As you open the garage door at night, the lights in the house automatically turn on to welcome you home. Touch one button by your bedside and know that all of the lights are off for the evening, and that when your little one makes a run for a midnight snack, the hallway lights illuminate automatically and show the way.

Control4 Dimmers and Switches easily replace existing light switches, or plug into outlets to offer complete control of your lights and electronic equipment without construction hassles. Create stunning light scenes and relax in the perfect ambiance.

Utilise the "Comfort" functions of Control4 to wirelessly alter your thermostat, turn fireplaces on/off, or to adjust room fan speeds. Automatic schedules allow routine heating and cooling of your house at your discretion.

Control 4

Know when there's a water leak or when the kids get home. Enjoy more peace of mind when you add enhanced security solutions to your Control4 system. The Control4® Door Station delivers full-motion video intercom and the fidelity of wideband audio intercom for crystal-clear communications and video security throughout a home or business. CCTV can be viewed from any navigator, TV, Phone or anywhere in the world.


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Showrooms in Donegal and Dublin

Cinema Tech will design, supply and install a Custom Home Cinema to meet your personal requirements!

We will work with you throughout the design and installation of your system to create an unbelievable home entertainment experience. Select your favourite movies from the menu. Then just sit back and relax.

Immerse yourself in the real cinema experience with a quality surround sound system, luxurious cinema seating, top class projectors and screens. CinemaTech can also supply and install electric curtains / blinds and be fully automated. We will cater for every budget, supply only or full custom installation.

As a certified Epson partner, Cinema Tech can supply the best quality Epson Cinema Projectors which are not available in stores.

Projectors also are available from many manufacturers including Sony, JVC, Vivitek, NEC, Optoma ect.

Lumene Screens can be wall or Ceiling-mounted, electric or manual. These can be selected to suit the design and also fully gauranteed.

Marantz / Denon Surround Sound Cinema Amplifiers give the perfect sound effect for your Cinema! We supply a large range of quality subwoofers to suit every type of installation from a small Living Room to a large bespoke Home theater.


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Enjoy Music and Audio Everywhere!

Multiroom Audio lets you enjoy music at the touch of a button from a choice of sources such as, internet radio, direct streaming, stored digital music such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer or any online music service. Cinema Tech install multiroom audio systems by leading audio manufacturers such as Heos, Sonos and Control 4.

Heos by Denon audio systems will cater for a single room or multiple rooms depending on your requirements.

Watch these videos to understand the multiroom audio experience.



Registered Dynalite Ireland Distributor

Philips dynalite by Cinema Tech



Do not hesitate to contact us to enquiry about a quotation, design and / or scheduling a showroom appointment.




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